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29 July 2013 @ 12:09 am



So yeah. I "made" something.
I used  CuriousBs Colour-Actions on one of my favourite Floorsets by Holy Simoly.
I meant to use them to pratice making Floors, but for my first try, they turned out alright, I think,
so I thought I would share.

ClickCollapse )

The Download contains all 42 Colours. They're all labeled so you can delete the ones you don't like.
Here's a big SWATCH of them.

And here is the Download.

I hope you find a use for them, feedback is very much appreciated.
All Credits goes to Holy Simoly and CuriousB, please don't claim them a your own
or upload to paysites.

Thank you!
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09 May 2010 @ 07:43 pm
So...I love Nilous Onomatopea-Eyes, but the Colors she choose for the defaults are too intense/colorful/bright for my liking. I prefer more natural colors for my defaults and save the unnaturals for my genetized.
They work perfectly fine in Bodyshop, but I haven't tested them in game, since it takes ages to load. Keep that in mind, download at your own risk.
I'll add some InGame Preview Pictures later, for now, here are the swatches:

That's actually the first thing I've ever "created"..o_O
All Credit goes to Nilou, because I only defaulted them. I hope it's ok <3